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Jinju Silk for the world, led by Korean Silk Research Institute vision
Jinju Silk aims to build a globally recognized R&D center to create a quality products that are beyond one's expectation. mission
The Jinju Silk's mission is to structuralize an orhanization to develop best-in-class products. management
- Internally : Implementation of business operation system that links the operation of the organization
and human resources to the silk industry growth index
- Externally : Assist all the researchers to use their capabilities at highest level in developing products for jinju silk. strategy
1. Optimal research and development and implementation of corporate environment
2. Technology development and transferring for prestigious, high value added products
3. Implementation of the best corporate support infrastructure and active support
4. Attracition of silk innovation cluster creation and leading corporations
5. Preparation of the foundation for independent business operations with the diversification of income sources