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The Korean silk industry has been the main axis of our garment culture as a traditional industry since the time of
Dangun(since the dawn of the Koeran history).
The Korean modern silkworm business has exported raw silk since the 1960s, and now it has grown as one of the world's
five largest producers with the production of diverse silk products that generate high value added products with the use of
environment-friendly new materials.

Since Jinju, which is an ancient city with a thousand-yeqr history, has been gifted wigh the natural conditions for
producing beautiful silk as well as clean water, the Korean Silk Research Institute, which is a special silk research
institute, was established here in 1988 and has contributed to the growth of the silk industry by conducting research into
weaving, dyeing processes, and design; offering technology education to the silk indusrty; and cultivating technicians.
However, it has newly established a trial product development support center in order to reduce production costs and
improve quality in the era of Korea's entry into the World Trade Organization and signing of Free Trade Agreements so
that it can extend better support to companies. With this new resolution, we promise to exert all possible efforts to make 
Korean silk the best product in the world and ask for your even greater encouragement and advice.